Where’s My Social Security Statement? Check online

During the last two years, when I’m going through paperwork with clients, they often ask, “Where’s my Social Security Statement? I used to get one every year.” The confusion arises because the Social Security Administration (SSA) used to send these statements every year, but then changed their policy to only send statements to individuals over 60 or those turning 25. See http://blog.usa.gov/post/23677243859/social-security-statements-now-available-online

If you’re older than 25, but younger than 60, that’s a long time not to know the information shown on your Social Security statement. Healthy planning for aging, at any age, requires you to keep tabs on your own finances. And this includes reviewing your Social Security statement annually to ensure the information, especially your earnings summary, is correct. If the information shown is incorrect, then you can solve that problem before you start receiving social security.

To solve the problem of the missing statement, the SSA allows you to create an online account at http://www.socialsecurity.gov/mystatement/ and view your statement online. Today, I signed up for an online account, created my user name and picked a password. I logged back into the SSA’s website and then viewed my online Social Security Statement in an easy to view and print PDF format. The SSA’s website is easy to navigate and delivered on its promises.

Now, whenever I want, I can track and confirm my annual Social Security earnings just by logging on to http://www.socialsecurity.gov/mystatement/.

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2 Responses to Where’s My Social Security Statement? Check online

  1. Margie Lou Turley says:

    I am receiving S.S. now but will be 65 in Dec. I was wondering if there is a way to find out what the amount of my checks will be at that time. Thank you, Margie Turley

  2. Hi Margie – Thank you for visiting our blog! To find an answer for your question I recommend you contact your local Social Security office and see what they say. Each time I’ve dealt with a local Social Security office the employees are helpful, patient, and find the answer we need. If you need help locating your local S.S. office, check out the link below from SSA which let’s you put in your zip code and then tells you the nearest office.
    Here’s the link http://www.socialsecurity.gov/locator
    If this doesn’t work for you, visit http://www.ssa.gov and in the search box type in: local office

    Wishing you all the best! Jeanne & MaryAnne

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